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Date of publication: 2017-07-09 09:54

I have been to Beijing and Shanghia, which I am sure are two of the better places for a foreigner to go. People in China just do what they need to do to survive, just like anyplace else. It 8767 s not great, but these images and especially the writing seem very exaggerated.

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Also, these are disturbing images, and of course not indicative of China as a whole, but that 8767 s the point tourists don 8767 t get to see this. It 8767 s much cheaper to put a factory in a location where families are poor because then you get to pay lower salaries and the local government are more flexible regarding your industrial waste.

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It is hard to find words to measure this. Why do we allow this? If there is such a thing as an 8775 INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY 8776 this should be their wake-up call ! If I am able to see a satellite photo of my backyard furniture, the world knows about all of this activity, yet it still continues. China should be condemned.

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Yes and while there are so many environmental laws in China, very few are actually inforced because of the corruption at the local levels. Though Xi JinPing has promised reform and crackdown through the 8775 flies and tigers 8776 campaign, I think that the damage done will effect generations of Chinese living in the countryside.

Am I to understand that you propose the global solution is that US should should start production industries on US land?
Yeah I don 8767 t think that is the solution What products are are being made in these plants that create such pollution on this massive scale? What and how can we create a product to replace these products at the same time we create more jobs, more work, and more capital in the USA? I believe this would be the solution. We need to increase the the value of the dollar, and Americans need jobs We must do this, and not at the cost of decreasing the value of American lives. I feel there is definitely an opportunity for economic advancement in the US, in the name of saving many lives and helping the environment world wide,

You are a disgrace to the human race. Remember whatever affects them is being put into the air the whole world breathes. The difference between humans I find just so surprising in this day and age of EDUCATION! We are all one and tied together somehow! You are a tin man. I feel so sorry for you.

If every hospital has an incinerator definitely it cannot be used its optimum level as the amount infectious waste is less. This leads improper treatment of bio-medical waste. The result is obvious causing danger to human health and the environment

The more developed countries are so wise to move their factories to China, so that it 8767 s the Chinese who suffer, instead of their own people. Who created most pollution in the last century?
I 8767 m not saying that the Chinese government is not responsible, but it 8767 s in fact the responsibility of all countries.
We should all push our own governments to do more for the environment. The climate talk is coming in December in Copenhagen. It 8767 s time for every one of us to take action.

Capitalism is okay but without appropriate regulations that is what happens. Their political system still keeps communist structure. Economically, some even say is more capitalistic than us.

Our collective problem is we view this issue through western eyes. I have traveled extensively in China. There are BILLION people there and their system works for them. They have made enormous gains in the last 65 years, all do to our 8775 greedy 8776 investments. We are doing something, the dollars we spend have lifted their entire population up. The consuming class has risen to more than 955 million and continues to grow. Give them time to evolve. In the last 7 years their government has stepped up to require massive reform in environmental AND humanitarian regulations, but we need to know they started from nothing nine years ago. It took America 55 years to do what they have done in nine!!!!

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