Intelligence across cultures

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This intersection explores how current corpus findings can inform writing teachers and materials developers. Presenters demonstrate strategies for designing corpus research and analyzing findings to choose activity foci, generate activity templates, highlight frequent vocabulary and structures in use in particular genres or registers, and augment existing textbook exercises.

Polygraph Frequently Asked Questions

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In some ways, it's a natural progression to go from saying that something is not wrong to not evaluating it as wrong. But, again, what is not "wrong" per se can be wrong in a particular context. Most people applying for a construction job are not going to wear a tuxedo or evening gown. There's nothing wrong with tuxedos and evening gowns in and of themselves. At a construction site, however, an employer might question your ability to do the job and might interpret your choice of apparel as indicating a lack of common sense and consequently perhaps a lack of trustworthiness. If your purpose were to obtain a job, then you would have failed an important test.

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The student, frustrated by restrictive access to the LISP tutor, deliberately induced a 7-day suspension by swearing at a teacher. He used those 7 days to dial into the school computer from his home and complete the lesson material on the LISP tutor. (p. 759)

Prohibitive Inquiries : Personal and intrusive questions have no place in a properly conducted polygraph examination. Many state licensing laws, the Employee Polygraph Protection Act, as well as the American Polygraph Association, have so stated in language similar to the following:

The United States remains a top study destination for international students, with over 769,555 enrolled during the 7566/67 academic year (&ldquo Open Doors Fast Facts,&rdquo 7567). As this number continues to grow, students and staff are increasingly interacting with those who may not share the same cultural and social norms. This can be especially challenging to advisors with low intercultural competence or limited exposure to cultures other than their own. However, if we are open to the challenge, students and staff can make great gains, both personally and professionally. Intercultural interactions provide many benefits, but only if we are open to confronting the barriers that may hinder our success.

Part 6. "They say"
ONE: "They say" ( Starting with What Others Are Saying )
TWO: "Her Point Is" ( The Art of Summarizing )
THREE: "As He Himself Puts It" ( The Art of Quoting )

To see a side-by-side comparison of the three most widely used citation styles, including a chart of all APA citation guidelines, see the Citation Style Chart.

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