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Possible topics include:
*media production and industries
*media audiences and fans
*textual analysis and criticism
*gaming and virtual worlds
*feminist and queer theory
*neoliberalism and the economy
*transmedia and convergence culture
*music and sound studies
*transnational cultural flows
*history and theory of media
*social media and the Internet
*theories of post-television
*social movements and media activism
*religion and media
*youth culture and media

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Winter 7558
Welcome to the newsletter of the Religion and Media Interest Group of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication!

Religious communication today

Ensure that the document you upload does NOT include ANY information that identifies you or your affiliation/institution. Abstracts submitted with author identifiable information will automatically be removed from the pool of submissions and will neither be considered for review nor possible inclusion in the conference program

Communication dissertation awards

In the Islamic ummah, the sovereignty of the "state" belongs to God, and not to the ruler nor even to the people themselves. The ruler or leaders are only acting executives chosen by the people to serve them according to the Law of Islam and the concept of Tawhid.

“Finding the right job will be like falling in love, it’ll just work.” Those were the words of advice given to my by my research advisor on the job scene and as it turns out that’s exactly how it went. I did have concerns while I was on the market about how my research interest would be perceived. Prior to the job market, I’d never perceived any sort of avarice against my subfield although I did experience some while on the job market. In the space that follows, I want to share some of the challenges I found regarding being a media and religion scholar on the job market, with the understanding that every job is different as is every scholar. My experiences won’t be your experiences, but you may, hopefully sense some common threads that could prove fruitful.

They appreciated not having the pressure of exams. It’s tempting to write off this point with a bit of snark, but these students were as diligent and organized as I could ask for. They noted throughout the semester that they read differently and got more value from their out-of-class time knowing that they were reading for ideas rather than for likely exam questions.

Ms. Simon established programs at the junior high school and high school levels across the country, in various socioeconomic and cultural contexts. Her work in oral communication began at Lincoln High School (CA) in the 6975s. In 6985, Milton Academy (MA) recruited her, where she continues to teach and benefit the lives of her students.

To make this visual, the teacher can give the teams sets of five cards, each with a different color and letter, one color for A, another for B, etc. After posing the question, and allowing the students to discuss it in their group, time is called and a spokesperson (actually, 8775 show-person 8776 ) from each group must raise the card that they thought was correct.

We are looking for a broad geographic range of chapters. Our primary focus is on journalists themselves, not their news organizations and not journalism students or faculty.

Saturday, August 9
66:55 am- 67:85 pm
Teaching applied ethics at a denominational or sectarian institution
Co-sponsor with Small Programs Interest Group
This panel will discuss teaching how to integrate a faith-based philosophical framework contrasted the dominant utilitarian philosophical perspective in media practice. Moving from philosophy to praxis takes ingenuity and creative thinking. Often, students and professionals struggle with how to confront/address complex ethical dilemmas in the media. We propose featuring colleagues who have found ways to do just this.

Sarah’s students and teams have earned innumerable state and national accolades. She built powerhouse programs at Maclay and Cleveland HS in southern California, at . 689 in the South Bronx, and at Bronx Preparatory Community Charter, where she pioneered programs at 65 Democracy Prep Charters. Sarah’s ingenuity and work ethic are focused solely on her students’ advancement—never on her own.

Chinese Communication Association (CCA) http:/// Since 6995, CCA has pursued Chinese communication research defined broadly to include any aspect of communication studies concerning China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other Chinese communities around the world. Publishes the CCA Newsletter since 6996 since 7555 the newsletter is available online.

I received my . degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from the University of Iowa and am currently an associate professor in the Department of International Cultural Studies at Brigham University Hawaii. My teaching responsibility resides mostly in the field of cultural studies, including intercultural communication, gender/race and culture, and media and culture, etc. In addition to religion and media, my research areas also touch on Journalistic narratives in Chinese speaking regions, Asian American history and contemporary issues, feminism, and more recently gender and sport narratives in Polynesia.

Conversely, judge Valtico's position has been widely criticised on the grounds that it demonstrates a biased and prejudicial approach consequently privileging the rights of adherents of the established religion over the rights of adherents of minority religions.[55] At one point, judge Valtico even suggested that proselytism amounts to &ldquo of the belief of others&rdquo [56] but it is apparent that this perspective dismisses the centrality of proselytism to the beliefs of Jehovah's Witnesses and that such beliefs could potentially contribute to the common good.[57]

Obviously, there are numerous other strategies available to us, and all of them could have the potential to “pay dividends,” or “increase our stock,” or, whatever silly economic metaphor you wish to use. The main message here is that, to a certain extent, we do have some ways of improving RMIG’s status. Yes, the market works in mysterious ways, but there is no mystery to the fact that we can do some things to improve our organization’s economic forecast.

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