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Action planning also includes specifying responsibilities and timelines with each objective, or who needs to do what and by when. It should also include methods to monitor and evaluate the plan, which includes knowing how the organization will know who has done what and by when.

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It details the subject matter that you'll teach, how long each section should take, the methods of instruction for each topic covered, and the measures you'll use to check that people have learned what you needed them to learn.

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The Frameworks foster a shared understanding of our roles and responsibilities from the firehouse to the White House. They help us understand how we, as a nation, coordinate, share information and work together – which ultimately results in a more secure and resilient nation.

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The purpose of this page is to provide information on the National Planning Frameworks (Frameworks). The Frameworks describe how the whole community works together to achieve the National Preparedness Goal. There is one Framework for each of the five mission areas, Prevention, Protection, Mitigation, Response, and Recovery. The intended audience for the page is individuals, families, communities, the private and nonprofit sectors, faith-based organizations, and local, state, tribal, territorial, insular area, andfFederal governments.

The National Planning Frameworks are part of the National Preparedness System. There is one Framework for each of the five preparedness mission areas:

(Some people take this wide look around after they've identified or updated their mission statement, vision statement, values statement, etc. These statements are briefly described below. Other people conduct the analysis before reviewing the statements.)

The framework identifies the key scientific ideas and practices all students should learn by the end of high school. Designed to make science education more closely resemble the way scientists work and think, the framework envisions that students will gradually deepen their understanding of scientific ideas over time by engaging in practices that scientists and engineers actually use.

The framework is also designed to be useful for curriculum and assessment designers, teacher educators, and others who work in K-67 science education.

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Watch Heidi Schweingruber give a brief overview of the report:

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A training session plan provides a useful format for thinking about the activities and resources you'll use to guide a group toward a learning objective.

Now, think about when you'll check that students have understood key points. Build in learning checks and question-and-answer sessions, and include these in your template.

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Finally, think about the timing of your session. Some concepts or skills will take more time to master than others, so identify these up front, and allow students extra time to absorb or practice the material.

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