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The Student Text is well laid out, including a summary of notes from the lesson, samples of effective writing, samples of ineffective writing, and clear rubrics to aid the parent in grading the student's work. Lessons are broken down into incremental steps, keeping the writing process from becoming intimidating. There is no link to the interior of the high school student texts yet, however here is a glimpse at the interior of a grade 8 lesson so that you can get an idea of what a student text looks like. (Keep in mind this is two grades below the grade we will be scheduling.) Link to PDF

Hearts for Him Through High School: US History I

Our own oldest son used this program mainly on his own very successfully for Algebra I and II. If you desire a video-based Algebra I and Algebra II course, this is an excellent option to consider.

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Essentials in Writing: Grade 65 Curriculum
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The selections within the Fundamentals of Literature text in this course are designed to convey and teach literature's foundational elements of conflict, character, theme, point of view, structure, and tone. Literary criticism is also introduced and students are encouraged to read and analyze literature in light of a Christian worldview. Reading selections are not necessarily Christian, since true interpretation and evaluation can only be taught through studying pieces written from more than one perspective. The literature selections are delivered in an attractive new format accompanied by rich illustrations, author biographies, and application questions that promote critical thinking skills. The full-length drama "Cyrano De Bergerac" is included for study as part of the student text.

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General teaching suggestions are included at the beginning of the hardcover Teacher's Manual. Copies of the pupil's pages are included in reduced size. The answers for the pupil's lessons are in shaded areas beside the exercises. Further teacher's helps are given on the shaded areas below the pupil's copies. The Purpose is given for each lesson. A star indicates when a concept is introduced for the first time in the English series. Some lessons have an additional part titled Teacher, including further information for the teacher's awareness. Oral Review lists questions for review as well as preparation for the new lesson. Reviews are included to drill important concepts.

The spoiled son of a millionaire, Harvey Cheyne is used to living a life of luxury. But when an accident at sea brings him to the deck of a Massachusetts fishing boat, he is suddenly thrown into a world he knows nothing about. Can he endure the back-breaking work of a fisherman? Will he ever see his parents again? Will he survive in a world where money does not matter, and laziness can lead to death on the high seas?

VideoText Algebra
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Wormwood, a demon apprentice, must secure the damnation of a man who's just become a Christian. He seeks the advice of an experienced devil, his uncle Screwtape. Their correspondence offers invaluable---and often humorous---insights on temptation, pride, and the ultimate victory of faith over evil forces. Through this wonderful tale, the reader emerges with a better understanding of what it means to live a faithful life.

In the World Geography guide, units of the BJU literature text will alternate with the reading of full-length novels/plays. Since the BJU text is meant to be a one-semester text, with the other semester devoted to composition and grammar, adding full-length classic novels will complement the BJU text well. Using the BJU literature text to teach literary skills will also give students the freedom to read the scheduled full-length novels/plays in a more Charlotte Mason fashion, with oral and written narrations and Common Place Book entries as follow-ups, rather than needing to use novel guides.

VideoText Algebra is an interactive, video-based program that teaches Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, and Algebra II in an integrated manner. Due to the integrated manner in which VideoText teaches algebra, once you begin VideoText it is best to complete the course because all modules work together to teach Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, and Algebra II. Therefore, to claim credit for both Algebra I and Algebra II all modules must be completed. All students must begin VideoText Algebra with Module A, regardless of previous math experience with Algebra.

For 66th and 67th graders, it will be important to make sure to earn needed credits in specific types of literature (. American and British) as required by your state, or by the entrance requirements of the college your child will be attending. Our plan at this point is to study Fundamentals of Literature in the Geography guide, World Literature in the World History Guide, American Literature in the American history guide, and British Literature in the final high school guide.

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