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Printable informative / expository writing prompts for your use at home or in classrooms. You may print copies as needed to distribute to students. Writing prompts are sorted by grade.

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Nothing can hold a child s (or adult s) fascination or attention quite like animals. All students love animals, so use that to get their writing gears in motion
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Criterion for Write Source—7th Grade Writing Prompts

Identify areas where more information and details are needed, cut off from places where additional information is somewhat making the narrative seem less appealing. Rewrite the entire narrative clearing out the mistakes that have been pointed out. Once you are done with the second draft, there are fewer chances of further errors.

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Also, keep in mind that the minute details that might seem unimportant to you are not necessarily going to be unimportant to the readers. Those details might spice up your personal narrative.

There are thousands of species on the endangered species list and thousands more have become extinct. Stimulate your student s imagination using the natural fascination and awe of extinct and endangered animals..

Use the power of books as a starting point for your students essays with these 9th grade writing prompts on books..
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Provide a later explanation in the body paragraphs where you explain about the significance and how important it is to you. This will help your readers to connect both perspectives. This approach might connect a great deal of significance to your experience.

Think of a problem in your school or community. Come up with a solution and decide on a person who could help get the job done. Write a persuasive business letter to that person. Provide strong reasons and details to build a convincing argument.

6. Creative Writing Prompts for Kids 9th Grade
Get your students excited about writing by sharing these fun and creative 9th grade writing prompts. They re the perfect story starters for getting their creative juices flowing..

Make up a story in which you accidentally broke something that belonged to someone else. What did you do as a result? Narrate the action moment by moment.

Whether it s a 8-month boondoggle in the summer, or a short week long jaunt in spring. students live for vacation. These prompts are designed to engage them into sharing their experiences

Sometimes it s best to shake things up a little &ndash so use these Fun Writing Prompts to give your students minds a little break from the normal

Since a narrative relies on delicate experiences, it typically is in the shape of a story. When the writer uses this method, he or she must be in no doubt to take account of all the conversations within the story. These may include the design, setting, characters, climax, and ending. A personal narrative is usually packed with the details that are vigilantly selected to explicate, sustain, or beautify the story.

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