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Date of publication: 2017-08-17 06:51

This post has generated over 755 comments. And beyond the powerful introduction, the content is useful and interesting and makes for a great blog post. You’ll find yourself agreeing with Jon’s statements throughout the post. It’s obvious he knows his subject.

Manuscript Preparation — Introduction This article

If you’ve followed me closely, you know that I contribute to several industry blogs as a guest blogger. I always take time to nail the introduction, because I know that it’s what keeps people reading my content. I can’t afford to put them off my good blog posts with a weak, generic, or boring intro. If people don 8767 t read my content it will affect my search engine optimization, my social networks, and my whole career.

The Thesis Statement

Of course, some of these great blogs have the potential to get noticed if only the blogger could craft powerful titles and blog post introductions for the content.

The Ultimate Guide to Writing Blog Post Introductions

Well, you 8767 ve actually asked two questions there. I can 8767 t answer the second one, because I really don 8767 t want to get into your personal life right now. As for the first question, many possible answers spring to mind:

In any case, we want to be able to control the data that document creators put in for values such as priority. It wouldn 8767 t make much sense for them to enter 8775 alligator 8776 or 8775 Disney World 8776 when our application is going to be looking for 8775 low 8776 , 8775 medium 8776 and 8775 high. 8776

After loading this XML document into a variable called $person , you would be able to examine the name element with $person- name. Likewise, you would be able to examine the age element with $person- age. If you 8767 re familiar with object oriented programming in PHP, you 8767 ll get the hang of it very quickly.

Now, open your XML document in any text editing tool and scroll down to the cost node of the second product. The line we 8767 re interested in should read:

You 8767 re sure that there 8767 s more to it than that, so you decide to gather more information. When you talk to your department 8767 s administrative assistant, he fills in the rest of the picture:

Many people think they’re not creative (including many of your readers, probably). According to Adobe, only about 75% of us truly believe we’re living up to our creative potential. So by adding something new to your blog post, you’re helping them to perceive you as a creative person.

Notice the little minus signs next to some of the XML nodes? A minus sign in front of a node indicates that the node contains other nodes. If you click the minus sign, Internet Explorer will collapse all the child nodes belonging to that node, as shown in Figure , 8775 Collapsing nodes displaying in Internet Explorer. 8776 .

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