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This happened four months ago three stitches and now it is so well healed I don 8767 t know exactly where the cut was. The surgeon only gave me stitches so many hours after the cut because it was clean and hence less chance of infection. Stitches are supposed to be done right away. I did not know that and figured it would only need one stitch on the way to the hospital on the midnight drive the day it happened.

The Holy Bible: King James Version.

We are here, after all, to bask in the concept of The Clusterfuck Planet have a great read, a laugh, get pissed off, write a harangue, blow off some steam.

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Damn Peq, I think I might have inadvertently crossed swords with you somehow. Believe me when I say, I apologize for that, as I pretty much agree with everything you 8767 ve said above. Peace out, and I 8767 ll raise you a Jeff Lynne video to make things right! Strange Magic indeed!

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But, even if we living in the exceptional USA (I almost said Americans, but you guys are Americans too) developed the compassion of Canadians, single payer has no chance of working here. First and foremost, we would have to greatly shrink our bloated military budget to pay for it which ain 8767 t happening anytime soon. Second, we have far too many people from all over the world who have nothing in common. Whites, for example, don 8767 t want to pay the medical bills of third world immigrants, legal or not. I understand that Canada, with its PC welcoming of millions of immigrants, is now having the same problem.

When exactly did this site become Jim 8767 s Rand Cafe? We have about 5555 years of philosophy to choose from and Atlas Shrugged is the touchstone? The Fountainhead was a better read.

When eating you may really like mashed potatoes, but do not repetitively eat just one food (mashed potatoes) to the exclusion of all others. The best approach is a balanced diverse diet to develop the strength of your immune system. Diversity is strength. To eat exclusively only one food would not provide you with balanced nutrition you need and would not be smart.

All living things share some things, Thwack. We share % of the same genes as Chimps. The conclusion? A small difference at the level of genotype can mean a big difference at the level of phenotype (expression) and behavior.

Good for you. I guess that you have pretty good coverage and don 8767 t think that you 8767 re a victim of any racket. Your coverage is still paying the ransom to the racket.

The Catholic Directives prohibit a range of reproductive health services, including contraception, sterilization, many infertility treatments, and abortion, even when a woman’s life or health is jeopardized by a pregnancy. Because of these rules, many Catholic hospitals across this country are withholding emergency care from patients who are in the midst of a miscarriage or experiencing other pregnancy complications.

8775 A 65-minute office visit and strep test for a sore throat cost $. That was for an urgent care clinic in his health plan 8767 s network. 8776

He wants to testify that I was right and Hillary in June overthrew Obama, and in December she tried to start a nuclear war, since this is the only thing that frees him from responsibility for violating the Logan 8767 s act.

Finca, I don 8767 t see why the lack of direct flights from Washington to Moscow could bring on a nuke exchange. There must have been flights from DC to some other country, from which these Russians could then fly to their homeland.
I can 8767 t believe that all such countries would be so under the boot of Bastinda, that none of them would accept these Russians until they could get such a connecting flight.
I 8767 ll grant that this 77 hour deadline was brutally provocative. Why not a week? Why such a rush, on a weekend which figured to such a mess for travel?

You have reached a web page that was created by Professor Frank Pajares. Portions of his web site have been archived and others have been moved to homes not affiliated with Emory University. Information on self-efficacy is now available from http://. Information on Albert Bandura can be accessed directly from his web site at Stanford University at http:///dept/psychology/bandura/. Click here for information on William James.

Single payor healthcare or MFA would have to reform the entire system and not just the insurance side of it. It would have to include transparency and cost control.

Probably not. Unfortunately, that 8767 s probably the inevitable end game in any purely capitalist system. Wanna go beyond that, and you have to be at least willing to mouth the word socialist shhh that word will get you KILLED in these parts!

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