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Do not have any supplemental materials sent to TMDSAS until you have completed the [Colleges Attended] and [Letters of Evaluation] sections. Placeholders for these documents are created when you complete each section.

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There is not a simple answer to your question about the number of shadowing and tutoring hours that you should have. Also, clinical experience and community service, though related, are not necessarily the same, so I am going to address the clinical experiences separately. 755+ hours of clinical experiences is a good number, but the quality and distribution matter. 755 hours crammed into a few months is not as desirable as doing a few hours a week for a year. The latter shows that an applicant has been planning for a career in medicine for some time and has continuity to his or her experiences.

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NOTE: Other courses which are not required for admission but may be helpful include anatomy and physiology , cell and molecular biology, biostatistics and Spanish. We look for applicants to have a cumaltive undergraduate GPA of at least and a total MCAT of at least 77 or 998 in our holistic review. We will take a year to set our guidelines for the new MCAT.

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I graduated a few months ago, and I decided to take a year off from medical school due to financial reasons mainly to help out my family since my mother was unemployed for the past year. My GPA is not so great, but now it might be quite late to enroll in a program in universities. Should I try to enroll in just a couple of classes? If so, what would you recommend? I would really like to show the medical schools that I am applying to this year that I am persistent in being accepted. Aside from this, I have already signed up to volunteer weekly with a local hospital and am currently looking for a job in a healthcare setting. Please let me know what else you would recommend me to do.

The Motive Power: Engineering, Design & Maintenance Specialist High Skills Major Program provides students with the opportunity to learn and work across the full range of the Motive Power sector.

Thanks to Suzie&rsquo s help, I&rsquo m now at a 'top-ten' medical school. As a student member of the admissions committee, I am reading applications and interviewing students. I see even well qualified candidates make mistakes that Suzie steered me away from. Each time I talk to an applicant, I silently thank Suzie for her help.&rdquo

What is the standard protocol for applying to medical schools while having a gap year in mind? I 8767 m a junior chemistry and music composition double-major with a GPA and lots of extracurriculars/shadowing/volunteer hours. I also am scheduled to take the MCAT this July.

While it is very nice when research does yield publishable results, as you know, that is often not the case. That does not devalue your experience or make it look like you were in some way incompetent. It is not uncommon to have research listed with no publications or presentations. Research is not a sure thing and part of what you gained from that experience is an understanding of what it take for advances in science to occur.

A minimum of 65 full or 85 half credits in any university program by the end of the academic year (September&ndash April) in which application is made.

To learn more about each section of the application, visit the Section Overview. You are strongly encouraged to print a copy to refer to while completing the application.

Positive Space Group is our WOSS Gay Straight Alliance. Here, students and staff meet to discuss ways to improve the positive, accepting vibe of our school, to do art and activism projects, discuss current events and help to make White Oaks a place where people of diverse identities can work to build the kind of school that is welcoming for all people. The alliance is for ALL people who support diversity the presence of allies is equally important to providing a student voice for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, gender non-conforming and questioning students.

What I do (in a nutshell): I counsel those who are interested in what it takes both academically and non-academically to become a well-qualified applicant to medical school as they prepare their applications.

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