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Date of publication: 2017-08-30 08:03

I 8767 m one those guys that hates Pixar 8D animations because they are over elastic over animated (I called them usually 8775 Disney Animation 8776 ) and very awkward at times. Real people don 8767 t move like that. There fine examples of so called 8775 Disney Animation 8776 in gaming as well like Bioshock Infinite. I 8767 m not good explaining but if you watch Pixar 8767 s movie Brave for example and look how character turns his/her head and you see what I mean. The animation is very awkward. Animation starts, fasten and sudden stop.

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Most mainstream gaming sites don 8767 t konow how to review a fighting game. This is from The Fighters Generation 8767 s review of KOF XIII:
8775 A pure 7D fighting game like KOF XIII will always have a certain 8775 magic 8776 that cannot be obtained with 8D graphics. I highly prefer KOF 68 8767 s visuals to SF9 8767 s any day of the week. King of Fighters XIII is a work of art in motion. 8776

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So you 8767 re giving up on your passion because some ignorant dickhead blogger from ign thinks street fighter 9 looks better than kof?
You know those people also think call of duty looks better than street fighter and they won 8767 t care about whatever art you do unless it 8767 s super realistic 8D marine soldiers.

Ops I meant Vector seems to constrict you to silhouettes and then expands from there. Where as raster/pixel in a layered app like Gimp or photoshop seems to flow free.

I 8767 ve spent too long on that point now, so I 8767 ll move on. As good as your comments on animation were, they may be a little distracting from discussing your reasons for abandoning pixel art. What I ultimately wanted to lead into is that the answer to the 8775 pixel tax 8776 is not necessarily to give up pixels, but to think about how to make your 8775 pixel art 8776 intent clearer.

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I guess a more appropriate simile to the way pixel art is considered retro would be with the different artistic languages or styles in each art medium that evolved with each culture, like in written music, where gregorian chants used really consonant harmonies and modal language, then in the renaisance polyphony was introduced, and later tonality, and in each case, the last language to be developed was regarded as the currently accepted form. Eventually though, as art diversifies, all previously existing languages coexist, and are understood in their own terms, regardles of the latest trends.

BTW, right now Auro has a bug where it 8767 s not displaying properly on some devices. If you 8767 re getting scaling issues, we 8767 re fixing that as we speak. Apologies!

If you take a digital photo of a tube TV (CRT) displaying a retro game, such as SNES, NES, Genesis, etc., then the JPEG file is larger and has more shades in it than if you take a photo with the same camera off an emulator running it on your LCD computer monitor. Yes, of course a screengrab saved in PNG or GIF is smaller, but I mean the JPEG that a typical point-n-shoot camera takes off screen, from the glass of a CRT (Tube) or off a flat screen (LCD). You will get more picture information because the eye is seeing more colors and data due to the imperfections of the display from the analog cables used.

You also used a very high resolution for your pixel art, making it close enough to vector work that it could be mistaken for it by untrained eyes. If you had gone 66- or 8- bit, I 8767 m sure it would be clear that the art style was intentional.

I think your fault is taking the small amount of anti-pixel art comments too seriously, as if it 8767 s indicative of where the 8775 trend 8776 is going rather than stepping back, taking a deep breath, stop being so offended, and see it for what it is a small number of voices that don 8767 t represent your target demographic.

It is perfectly possible to carry over such aspects into higher-resolution art, but it becomes more and more challenging to do so the higher the resolution becomes. This is likely due to the fact that the example aspects that I gave are reliant on simple shapes. In lower resolutions, it 8767 s easier to render complex ideas into simple shapes and have them look 8775 cute 8776 . Whereas, in higher-resolution, the more that an artist tries to render a complex idea into a simple shape, the more stiff it tends to look (or lacking in proper detail).

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