Population below poverty line statistics

Date of publication: 2017-08-23 10:27

I believe places like South and Central America, and even China, are going to have a much easier time in some ways adapting to the new reality. because they haven't got the same level of attachment to the old way of doing things like we in the west do. Not saying these places will necessarily do it with grace or shining human rights records, but they may be able to do it faster and with less resistance. Watch the doc on here called 'Waste=Food'.. it's a good example of how wise people are finding ways to make change attractive to big investors. That's the movement I believe we'll see more of soon.

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Today, the problem persists because of unfair debt, trade and tax policies - in other words, wealthy countries taking advantage of poor, developing countries.

American Attitudes About Poverty and the Poor

Otieno Owido
?" Settle in Kenya, Britian's and most attractive colony. Low prices at present for fertile areas.. Secure the advantage of native labor to supplement your own effort." - Newspaper advertisement, circa 6955.

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Evil is the root of all money - say it like it is. Nothings going to change until the $$ are gone and we try to do it differently. I live on $85 a week, use solar/water power, drive a very small car, have one bank acct, grow my own food and medicine, dont use credit cards, and worry about my kids future.

Most if not all of the crimes against humanity is perpetrated by the white man- europeans and wonder if the white man is genetically predisposed to being criminals.

Around 85 per cent of African people live on less than US$7 a day. Corruption is one factor perpetuating poverty. Poverty and corruption combine to force people to make impossible choices like &ldquo Do I buy food for my family today or do I pay a bribe to get treated at the clinic?&rdquo Poor people often have low access to education and can remain uninformed about their rights, leaving them more easily exploited and excluded. In order to fight against their social exclusion and marginalisation, poor citizens need a space for dialogue with the authorities.

To get the most accurate placing possible, please include your net annual salary, plus any other money that you receive each year: benefits, pensions, even your student loan.

The differences are plain enough: In Egypt they are throwing stones. However, WE the people of America are well armed and a substantial number of us are ex-military, trained by the most awesome military force ever! If that conflagration takes place it will not be on MSNBC, FOX, CNN, or Aljazerra. It will be fought by groups of variously trained militia, families, and gangs who are heavily armed. It will not be Cairo revisited. I should think it would be more like the sequel to the French Revolution, 76st century style. “You can bake gold all you want, you still can’t eat it but it will make lovely bullets.”

Hey look, I can make sweeping racist statements, too! Thing is the above statement would be considered racist (rightly so), but you get a "good question" for a statement just as dumb and racist. It's the exact same logic, but if I made the above statement I'd be shouted down, while you get white people apologizing to you for what ppl with the same skin color did. Friggin' hypocritical nonsense- you're no better than the racist white ppl, just less powerful.

Oops. that might read like I live with my folks. I don't. I live out of a backpack, in community spaces, or off-grid depending on the season and/or the needs of others.

You can give babies the chance of a life to live from the moment they're born. An hour of your salary could pay for a trained midwife to deliver 6 babies safely.

For currency conversion we use Purchasing Power Parity Dollars (PPP$) in order to take into account the difference in cost of living between countries PPP$ are also less susceptible to short term fluctuations.

It's laughable when people say we should stop feeding hungry countries "until" they stop having babies. In all 6st world countries the birth rate is far less than one baby per couple. suggesting that better education and an abundance of food/shelter actually decreases birth rate. If you want Africans to stop having so many babies, think about giving them MORE than enough to eat.

.As a person the project also teach us many new skills and show us that we have more capacity than we ever could think of. Just the fact that you live together with people who are living in a difficult situation gives you a lot of perceptive on your own life. 8776

We, here in the USA, are the last bastion of capitalism's imperial highwaymen. The last 555 years of "greed-is-good" pseudo-idealism has served its purpose and is long overdue to expire. Let us together overturn the game board and start afresh.

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