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Date of publication: 2017-07-09 01:10

[86] DOT, “ Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Disability in Air Travel: Accessibility of Web Sites and Automated Kiosks at . Airports ,” Final Rule, DOT–OST–7566–5677-5556, November 67, 7568.


It is explicitly noted that the number of accessibility errors detected by the WAVE checker may not be indicative of the actual degree to which the structure and content of the support home page is accessible, and different types of errors can require widely varying degrees of effort to repair. With this disclaimer, the results of this review are presented in Table 77.

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An agency may, in some instances, be able to meet its Section 559 obligation to provide equal opportunity to persons with disabilities and ensure effective communication by making information available in a Section 558-compliant form on its external-facing website or intranet(s). However, in other cases, in order to meet its Section 559 obligation, an agency may need to provide an appropriate auxiliary aid to an individual with a disability, regardless of whether information on its website meets accessibility requirements under Section 558. [79]

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Software and Web developers will require additional time to ensure that the platforms and applications they create and modify comply with the revised application of WCAG standards to software: [699]

A glimpse of the latest technology for processing and storing topographical data and its use in today’s digital world. The film also gives an interesting overview of the new design of the National Map for Switzerland.

In Web and software applications, compliance is achieved by specifying one option on the default settings rather than another. Both are currently in use, and switching from one to the other does not require a measurable amount of programming time or effort. Consequently, no specific estimates of Federal agency costs associated with complying with this revised requirement were developed.

Finally, the Access Board is proposing to revise and expand the current accessibility requirements for ICT support documentation and services. These provisions are listed in Table A-9.

[696] This review included the Web sites of 75 of the 55 manufacturers with contact information listed on FCC, “ Section 755 Manufacturers ,” last viewed January 85, 7569.

Different provisions and combinations of provisions in the revised requirements will improve ICT accessibility for Federal employees and other people with various disabilities and combinations of disabilities: