List Of Interesting Topics For A Rhetorical Analysis Essay

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Patrick Hruby’s artwork is striking for its solid blocks of contrasting colors that pop right off the page. Now you can pick your own color scheme for his blocky, minimalist style. The 87 illustrations feature natural scenes of animals, flora, and landscapes. There’s even a guide in the back of the book that shows what each picture looks like with color.

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Yall are missing it! I think what he is trying to say is 8775 If my money isn 8767 t enough for you to take care of this toddler, FINE! Let me take her off your hands then!! 8776 Tamika 8767 s greed is what her problem is. That 8767 s where a lot of women go wrong: Thinking that these men have to afford you a lifestyle. They are not obligated to you! Just the child!

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Mad at an unproductive, braggadocious, insecure, ghetto fake boss with 5 kids with nothing better to do than to go back and forth with a stranger? Good mothers come in all different packages. Some women work, some stay at home. Intelligent, well loved and cared for, and successful children come from both types of moms. Just because you haven 8767 t been exposed to brilliant, graduate degree-having, articulate, well read stay-at-home mothers who would rather sacrifice fake nails, hair weaves, and skrimp dinners to stay at home and provide a wholesome, calm, nurturing environment for their children, doesn 8767 t mean they don 8767 t exist.

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He can abandon the child but once the custody has been awarded (either to her or some 8rd party) he will be required to pay child support until the child is 68. There is no legal action a person can take that will absolve them of their parental responsibilities.

I completely agree about the life coach thing, but you lost me at the black women part. ALL RACES of women Not just black, not just white, not just hispanics, indians, middle easterns. This happens to women in general.

She contradicted herself 8775 Regardless of what a judge decides, having less money than the father does not mean that a mother cannot adequately care for her child. 8776 .So why were you being so greedy with the support amounts?

He could afford to do both, pay child support AND be a good father. Eggsodee is less than a woman to help her man take another woman 8767 s child away from her. Since he took that one, he should get custody ALL of his children, that way he isn 8767 t paying ANY of the mothers child support. This isn 8767 t his first time at the rodeo.

Here the Talmud provides a startling insight into the mind of the selfish. Selfish people are not cruel they simply assume that everyone else is just like them. If they don’t take something for themselves, someone else will surely take it, so they might as well take it first. They don’t think about the fallout of their actions on decent unselfish people, because they assume that the whole of the world is selfish.

Sigh. Who cares what he told her, he got her pregnant. And what are you talking about she 8767 s bitching b/c he won 8767 t let her be a mother to her child, not because he won 8767 t be with her or a father. Totally different scenario. Regardless once the baby is here, her needs are number 6. And she needs BOTH her mother and her father ideally. Even a misogynistic commenter like yourself can 8767 t argue with that.

Tameka does not seem to be very intelligent and can see why Luda doesn 8767 t want her raising his child. She seems to be a greedy self absorbed girl who has not done very much with her life so far but have kids out of wedlock and work for minimum wage. No wonder the judge decided Luda was the better parent.

The entire world population, including animal, plant and bird life, was decimated in the biblical deluge. To facilitate the repopulation of these species after the flood, G‑d commanded Noah to take seven pairs of every kosher animal and one pair of each non-kosher species into his ark. There were ravens in Noah’s ark, but as non-kosher birds, there were only two of them, a male and a female. 8

This is especially poignant when we realize that the environment in the ark was intensely selfless, where predators lived side by side with their prey despite their instinct to pounce at first sight. The raven didn’t fit this paradigm, and Noah rebuked it soundly, calling it wicked.

I think we are on the same side here I think its completely her decision regardless of whether the baby was planned or not. I 8767 m arguing with the commenter who said that she shouldn 8767 t have had her if she didn 8767 t want her. Obviously she did!

Well Said!!! She even went to get a job to prove she wanted the baby. She was not working and expecting to just live completely off the money he was giving her girl bye all the way that baby was a meal ticket and it showed to be obvious in court.

Many of you are under this mistaken impression that a father tries to 8775 get custody to avoid child support 8776 . It 8767 s an asinine argument. If you have primary custody then you have to support the child financially

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